Who are you?

I’m an anime/manga fansubber who has worked on projects ranging from G to 18+ ratings. I also run several servers which support various fansubbing groups and distribution platforms.

What is the [Poi] tag?

The [Poi] tag is the tag I use for my personal music releases and yes, it’s related to Yuudachi from Kantai Collection.

Where does your music come from?

All of the release are either music that I have purchased or are re-releases from the private scene.

What is the quality of your releases?

All personally ripped music follow the ripping standards set by the now defunct what.cd. All re-releases are manually inspected and verified to fit within 75% of the what.cd ripping standards and have been checked for lossless integrity.

Why are there more releases on the DDL/XDCC than on nyaa.si?

When nyaa.se went down, many of the old torrents suffered from connection issues. All old torrents are currently being reuploaded to nyaa.si and files on the DDL/XDCC simply haven’t been reuploaded to nyaa.si.

What are your distribution platforms?

Currently for [Poi], I distribute on nyaa.si, Mega, and XDCC only. Torrents or files obtained elsewhere was uploaded by someone else and I cannot guarantee their authenticity. I also distribute the same torrents on private trackers AnimeBytes, Jpopsuki, and Redacted.

This music is my intellectual property, I would like to request a takedown.

If the content is your intellectual property, please send a direct message or tweet @SaberLily13 with your official twitter account. If verified, all requested content will be removed. Only English messages/tweets will be read.

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