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Orangestar – 未収録OSC & Scans

The star of this short album is CITRUS featuring IA & ONE. Download Links: [Poi] Orangestar – 未収録OSC [MP3] [Magnet] [Poi] Orangestar – 未収録OSC [FLAC] [Magnet]


Reupload of SEASIDE SOLILOQUIES. This version is the Amazon pre-order version of SEASIDE SOLILOQUIES and has two postcards included in the scans. This is also the final reupload since the nyaa.se shutdown. All further releases will be new content. Download Links: [Poi] Orangestar – SEASIDE SOLILOQIES [MP3] [Magnet] [Poi] Orangestar – SEASIDE SOLILOQIES [FLAC] [Magnet]

Orangestar – Mikasei Eight Beats & Citrus Harvest Festival

Reupload of Orangestar – 未完成エイトビーツ Mikansei Eight Beats & Orangestar – 柑橘類収穫記念祭 Citrus Harvest Festival releases. Metadata was rewritten and fixed from the original upload. One to two albums should be reuploaded every two to four days until all releases are reuploaded. New releases will resume after all old torrents are fixed. Download Links: [Poi] …

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